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About steering body

Public Incorporated Association MORIUMIUS

(The name was changed in May 2016)
Founded 24th May 2011

Representative Director: Takashi Tachibana
Board: Gentaro Yui / Hidemitsu Kitamoto / Chikara Funabashi
Number of employees: 10

Adress: 60 Kuwahama aza Kuwahama, Ogatsu, Ishinomaki, Miyagi 986-1313 Japan

Raising funds to work together with local people combining children’s education with local activities. We appreciate all of your support to help us provide the richest education for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake


Donations can be made to the account below
50% of donations will be used for non-profitable activities


Greetings from the Director

Gentaro Yui

MORIUMIUS President / Field Director

For Children creating the future

There are many places where you can experience a taste of nature, but not many where you can live with nature and reflect deeply upon it. For example, cooking something you catch or harvest and ensuring it returns back into the earth. MORIUMIUS puts great value on learning about food and how we work together within the cycle of nature.
When I see children who have spent time at MORIUMIUS they have gained patience through the various activities they would never have experienced in everyday life, growing in confidence each day.
In the same way they harvest food, cook and eat it, tidy up and add any food waste into the compost. They need new challenges from their ordinary life so that parents can see how they've changed, returning stronger than when they left home. I think this spontaneous growth and these opportunities will give children a much better future. I believe that children who put into practice what they have learned at MORIUMIUS will live much stronger lives.

MORIUMIUS Supporters

Shinji Yotsui

MORIUMIUS Permaculture Designer
/ Soil Design Laboratory

MORIUMIUS takes root in Sustainability and Permaculture

Permaculture is a system for sustainability. We can live rich lives by coexisting with nature with a lifestyle in balance with the cycle of nature. I design a unique Japanese permaculture by studying culture and climate objectively. We installed a natural sewage purification system using the school ground and a garden kitchen that uses wood burners. MORIUMIUS has many examples of learning about the cycle of nature. Through various experiences here children learn how to live at home so that they can practice what they have learnt here. This has become a model case and could hopefully change the structure of society, I'm looking forward to seeing MORIUMIUS change our social structure.

Talayuki Tsujii

Patagonia Japan General Manager

For those who’ve become Disconnected from nature

Most of us have lost our true relationship with nature, like catching fish and preparing the food we grow – in today's society MORIUMIUS is very significant. Ogatsu has rich forests and a beautiful 'ria' coastline, it's a wonderful place that can teach you how to live with nature and about the diversity of living in a natural ecological cycle. By talking to local people you can also learn about the place itself. In rebuilding from the devastation of the earthquake MORIUMIUS has a big mission waiting for those of us who've lost our relationship with nature.