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LIVE IN MORIUMIUS / 8 day plan

A deep experience of Forest & Sea

Surrounded by the mountains and sea, you can experience forest, sea, vegetation, cooking, communicating with local people, English and other activities. A one week program for a deep experience with nature and people.

Train Transport expenses ¥35,000 JPY excluding tax


Discover the Forest & Sea

Harvesting ancient rice, joining the Kuwahama primary school sports day, catching sea urchins and scallops. There are many different seasonal programs.


Live with the Forest & Sea

You can enjoy life in MORIUMIUS by staying for more than one week.
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Cutting wood and planting trees

We will hike up a mountain located behind the school to cut wood and plant trees. Cutting trees helps the forest to flourish and learning about the living trees and mountains is an important resource.

Discovering the source of water

Where does water come from? We'll climb a mountain to discover the head-spring. Walking in pure river water to clear obstacles and head ups tream. This program will be certain to give you a great experience.

Creating original woodcraft

By making your own chopsticks or bowls through whittling and sanding wood you can create something unique to use at home afterwards as a memory of MORIUMIUS. You will learn about the living woods and mountain resources.


Learn about natural circulation by observing the ocean

Rich nutrition from the mountain and forest flows into Ogatsu Bay, in the distance you can see the rough waves of the Pacific Ocean. We can learn about the connection between the ecology of the sea and nature by viewing the ocean floor through its clear water.

Learn from fishermen

Fishermen are able to tell what’s coming next by observing the weather, temperature and changes in the wind. They are continuously faced with a dangerous environment and always leave with their boat before sunrise. The decisions they make are through their experience and senses, a way of life that we can learn from.

Enjoy the sea of Ogatsu

The beach of Ogatsu Bay is situated along the ria coastline. Fishing boats are anchored close by at the pier and sea weed grows in abundance on the quay. This is a fantastic environment during the summer months where you can enjoy swimming and fishing.


Cooking with fire in the garden kitchen

Everyone participates in cooking at Moriumius. Organically home grown black rice is cooked in the garden kitchen. Pizza is prepared from dough with toppings that include home made bacon, salmon, scallops and organically grown vegetables from the Moriumius farm. The joy on everyone’s face is clearly visible when we cook them in the Garden Kitchen’s pizza oven.

Preparing seafood

Revising how to prepare scallops in the kitchen. Do you remember what the fishermen taught you on the sea about how to scrape scallops from their shells? Let's do it again.

Eating with everyone

MORIUMIUS is surrounded by rich natural ingredients such as pork, chicken, eggs and vegetables. We’re grateful for life, nature, cooking and farmers that produce these ingredients. Enjoying a meal together with new people is a great experience.


Creating local events

We create seasonal events together with local people such as flee markets, sports events and lunch gatherings. You can be the centre of attention here among young and old alike.

Preparing the soil for growing vegetables and rice

Fallen leaves, pigs manure and waste vegetables can all be used for compost. This forms part of everyday life at the Moriumius farm and helps us grow vegetables and rice to sustain lives. You can lean about seasonal ingredients by planting and watering rice.

Harvesting seasonal food

Harvested rice and vegetables which have been planted and grown at Moriumius can be enjoyed at the dining table everyday. Food which has all been grown and harvested by everyone here at Moriumius.