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Can parents participate the programe?

We attempt to create the best learning opportunities for children so that we only let children come to the school to participate in the program. Staff are there to give support when needed, but we value an environment where children can make their own decisions and choice of activities.

Where are the nearest hospitals?

There is a Temporary clinic in Ogatsu town. 10 min drive from MORIUMIUS: 9-16 Kodakihama, Oohama, Ogatsu Town.
There is a general hospital in Ishinomaki City which is 60 mins drive from MORIUMIUS: Ishinomaki Red Cross medical emergency center (24 hrs) Nishimichishita-71 Hebita, Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture.

Can you cater for children with food allergies?
Do you have a medicine cabinet?

We can provide special meals for children who have allergies, although sometimes we cannot meet very sensitive children's needs and requests, please make an inquiry when you book. We do not give medicine from staff. If you have a medicine which you are familiar with, we can look after it and give it to your child. If we have to take children to the hospital and the doctor prescribes any medicines we will contact the parents.

Can we wash laundry?

You can wash laundry by hand, we provide laundry soap.

How do we evacuate in case of an emergency?

MORIUMIUS is located on a hill and is a registered place for evacuation.

Can we get in touch with our children during the programe?

During their stay in Moriumius, children will have many opportunities to get away from everyday life and challenge themselves with new experiences. To aid this we ask to look after their mobile phone and to avoid making phone calls.

Concerns about Radiation

We have our own self-imposed tests together with those set by Miyagi Prefecture in November 2015. The radiation of the air, soil, sea, vegetables and seafood in the facilities are all below the safety levels set by national regulations.